Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goodbye, 2013; Hello, 2014!

This year, Helen Grace was really into the New Year’s Eve countdown. We invited our parents over for dinner and late night fun. On our last minute grocery run, HG and I picked out some noisemakers and hats, although she shied away from loud ones and the confetti poppers. As usual, she wanted to be the hostess with the mostest and passed out the little horns and hats as people arrived. It was very ‘festive,’ to say the least.

I knew her class was going to do a mock NYE celebration next week at school (complete with noisemakers and a countdown), so I had agreed to wake her up at midnight to let her experience the actual ball drop on tv; however, Granddaddy was playing around on YouTube around 8:45 or so and found the NYC ball drop celebration from last year. He pulled it up on the big tv, and kind of jokingly, we were like, “Oh, look, it’s almost the new year- here we go!” And HG totally went for it, wholeheartedly. Hilarious! So she got to experience the new year countdown, just a few hours early. She jumped up and down on the couch and blew her horn like crazy. She was so excited! Thanks to the neighbors’ fireworks, we finally got her to sleep around 10:30, and I was right behind her. New Years’ Eve sure has changed a lot in the last few years!

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