Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013: A Year In Review

January: First time to bowl. bowling

February: First drawing of people. First trip to the Orpheum (with Spiffer and Grandma to see Mary Poppins). Back to the Orpheum to see Clifford with MOTs friends.first person drawing IMG_2588

March: First trip to Santa Monica/LA and Disneyland (although with the flu) and first time in Pacific Ocean. First taxi ride (from LAX to Shutters on the Beach). First Grizzlies game.first taxi ride CF6C7372 CF6C7469 CF6C7576grizzlies1

April: First big face paint (butterfly at Ann Maxwell’s party).  Spring program at Maples.IMG_3900 CF6C8251

May: Spring dance recital. Great trip to Orange Beach. Fourth birthday at Cedar Hill Farm. BBQ Fest and circus.CF6C8819 CF6C8930 CF6C8671 iPhone 20130508 1314x CF6C9137 CF6C9290 photo 1 IMG_4068first & last day at maples

June: First purchase with her own money (Gracie Bleu). First trip to NYC. First fireworks (Cedar Hill Farm) and sparklers (in our driveway). First rainbow (outside Sweet Peppers). first purchase- GB IMG_4185 IMG_4190 IMG_4209 IMG_4217 2013-06-29 21.15.57 CF6C0181

July: First solo friend date without Mama (with neighbors, Mariella and Addy, to see Sound of Music at the Orpheum). First Jerry’s sno cone.hr_0715_814_923__0715814923008[2] jerrys3

August: First nose bleed (in the bathtub, luckily). First soccer practice and first game. Started school at St. Agnes.photo-20daddy hug 2013-08-16 11.39.23

September: First show and tell (favorite book- Mother for Choco). Disney on Ice with Sallie Key and Ann Maxwell. First trip to the surprise box at school (little golden teddy bear). Really writing her name better.2013-09-21 14.27.58 2013-10-03 15.07.032013-09-02 09.12.55

October: First trip to Chicago where she had her first boat ride. First soccer picture. First jack o’ lantern and Tinker Bell again for Halloween. IMG_4907 scan20131003002jack o'lantern IMG_4963 CF6C2037

November: Baby Darby was born!!!! First time over the Mississippi River and first time to Arkansas (lake house with Blackmans and Bakers). BIG show-and-tell hit with ladybugs from Teddy’s house.2013-11-18 15.50.06-12013-11-22 20.46.112013-11-12 07.10.17

December: Nutcracker (Alice and Wonderland). First Alpine Village, which included a great (and surprising) visit with Santa. Opryland with all her people. NYC again, including her first first class seat and first subway ride.Baby_girl_smile Nutcracker0009IMG_5145 IMG_5163IMG_5249 2013-12-16 10.48.41-1 IMG_5257 IMG_5268 IMG_5316 IMG_5319 Santa- Macy's

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