Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

When we were sitting in McAlister’s this week, HG stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a song came on the radio and said, “Hey, this is a Nutcracker song!” Happy tears that she can pick that out!

Thanks to a really annoying tv commercial that runs constantly these days, HG is all about the word ‘awkward’ (and said all drawn out like ‘awwkweeeerd’). She throws it into conversation as often as possible, and she only gets the context right about 25% of the time. It’s very ‘awkward’ when she drops it at the inappropriate time and it falls flat, but it can be a riot when she gets it right!

This is a pretty typical moment when anyone is in the bed in our house.2013-12-05 08.13.16 HG spent the night at Spiffer and Granddaddy’s this weekend, and we had a cute FaceTime call with her (while she loved on GD).2013-12-06 18.46.37 2013-12-06 18.46.45 “Ellen Grace” and I are famous in this month’s Click magazine- from Cedar Hill Farm in October.2013-12-06 20.49.04 This year, HG is really getting into the Advent calendar, and she is finally just taking out one ornament a day and finding the right spot for it on the tree (rather than putting them all on the tree at once and reorganizing each day). After she finds the elf each morning, she is ready to see what ornament she gets for the day.2013-12-07 13.02.482013-12-11 07.00.33On Sunday, we celebrated the December birthdays at CB and Emmy’s house. Addie and HG gave us plenty of sweet photo opps.2013-12-08 13.05.42 2013-12-08 13.05.48 Later on Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Emmett’s first birthday, and Mr. Brett was sweet to take HG out back to let her check for new eggs in the chicken coop. While she ‘chickened’ out at actually sticking her hand in there, Mr. Brett found one and plopped it right in her hand. She was so excited and surprised! She was a bit disappointed to learn that a baby chick wouldn’t be hatching from the egg though. We came home with that egg and five others, so we will be asking her daddy to whip us up some scrambled eggs soon. 2013-12-08 15.10.53 When Daddy’s out of town, the baby girl will…sleep in Mommy’s bed. Pretty crowded with the boys too!2013-12-08 18.24.15 It’s become cold enough for HG to decide that hats are cool. It helps that we found a Hello Kitty one that she likes. When she walked into class the first day, the little girls all went, “Hello Kitty!!!” It barely comes off her head since then!2013-12-10 08.02.00Look at this adorable couple!! Melissa organized a trip to a local nursing home today to spread some Christmas cheer and candy, and HG and I tagged along. HG was pretty shy, but it was a great, eye opening experience for her. She warmed up toward the end and was proud of herself for helping make the patients’ day better.2013-12-11 18.52.33   After that experience, we had to go see Bubba and give her some loving. So thankful for her health, ‘with-it’-ness, and independence. She had some new ‘bling’ waiting for HG, and that girl went straight for the clip on earrings (thanks to our last play date at Sallie Key’s). She became obsessed!2013-12-11 16.41.23 Finding just the right Christmas jewelry to wear to Casa Mexicana for dinner. She chose some Santa earrings and wants to wear them to her class Christmas party.2013-12-11 16.42.53 2013-12-11 17.16.13

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