Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

“Isn’t that something?!” or “It’s crazy, isn’t it?!”

One morning, it was raining on the way to school. “I bet GG is getting wet up there!”

I asked her what she liked best about her new school, and she said, “I like making new friends. I like to try to find people that need a friend and be their friend. Kind of like your job, Mama, where you find things for people.”

She’s a lovebug when she wants to be. When I lay down with her, she immediately sticks her feet between my legs, and when we were in Arkansas, I woke up one morning to her scratching my back.

One cold morning, we were both getting dressed. I had on a dress but hadn’t put on my tights yet. She said, “Girl, you are going to FREEZE!”

She really wants to grow, and in the car recently, she asked, “Am I going to be big til I know it?” It took me a second, but I apparently often tell her ‘you’ll be big BEFORE you know it.’

“That’s what a piggy bank is for. You save it all up, and then you give it all away to poor people.”

She explained blu ray technology to me. “If it’s not blu ray, it’s just regular. Like on tv.”

At dinner the other night, we were referring to someone acting rudely and made mention to them behaving as a ‘five letter B word.’ HG didn’t seem to be paying attention, but within seconds, she piped up with ‘rich bitch.’ So now we cannot spell, rhyme, or give the number of letters in words. Can’t wait to get the note home from school about that one!

We met the Baldersons for an after school yogurt date recently (Nov 25), on which Jessica pointed out was HG’s half-birthday. OMG!!2013-11-25 16.13.18 Little ducks in a row2013-11-25 16.41.04 OUT. COLD. Mrs. Blaizel sent me this pic from naptime recently. I’ve figured out the way to guarantee she takes a good nap at school- bribing her with quarters!2013-11-26 14.37.25 2013-11-26 16.35.19-2 Jan 2012 / Nov 2013:  My favorite little Newk’s date2013-11-27 07.50.54Can’t get enough of this sweet pic.2013-11-27 11.22.08 2013-11-27 14.34.30 A great start to the Thanksgiving weekend- Frozen with Mama and Daddy!2013-11-27 17.02.42 Family dinner night with Bubba2013-12-01 18.10.51 It’s 50 degrees outside, but my girl insisted on riding to school with her window down. I think she just wanted an excuse to cuddle up in her new princess blanket from the Mattice girls.2013-12-02 07.34.11Late night hot chocolateCF6C2040 We went to visit Darby, Ryves, and Mary Chris over the holiday and to let John take some newborn pics of her. I always love watching Ryves charm and play with HG. Darby will be her age before we know it!CF6C2081

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