Sunday, December 22, 2013

SAA Christmas Program 2013

SAA-SDS had their Early Childhood Center Christmas program on Thursday, and we were all so excited to see her perform- as was she. (Poor Spiffer was stuck at a volunteer event for the hospital where she volunteers.)

While they couldn’t have had too much time to practice since it seems like they just had their Thanksgiving show, the program went so well and was very sweet and church-focused. I can’t imagine how Mrs. Marques (music teacher) and Ms. Gretchen (chapel teacher) were able to teach and prompt six classes of kids throughout a 30 minute program, and they all knew the words and cues. So proud!

I had heard/seen a few bits of their songs and sign language from HG in advance, especially the ‘flicker, flicker, flicker’ part of one song, but I loved the surprise of seeing their songs and prayers in the live show. Helen Grace found us relatively quickly in the packed-out gym and was sure to keep an eye on us throughout the program.

‘Flicker, flicker, flicker’CF6C2933 ‘Hey, Mama!’CF6C2937 SK students acted out the nativity.CF6C2940 CF6C2941 ‘Down through the chimney’ (super cute snorkel move)CF6C2954’Ho Ho Ho’CF6C2956 ‘Who wouldn’t know?’CF6C2957 Found this jewel in her bag afterward!IMG_5381 IMG_5383 

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