Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nutcracker 2013: Snowflake

This year’s Nutcracker’s theme was Alice in Wonderland, and Helen Grace’s class was a snowflake. She has been so excited about their costume and that she got to wear gloves. We have had a bit of an ice storm (and FREEZING temps) this weekend, so her costume/theme was quite appropriate! She wasn’t nervous at all and did a great job. She liked watching the big girls on stage with her, and she was confident in her moves and happy to be there.

I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck about doing her bun. It was a first for me, and HG was an angel to let me practice a few times the week before (we also watched a couple of videos- she was fascinated). This from the girl that usually cries when I brush her hair! On performance night, she sat somewhat patiently while I pushed through it, and I was pleased with the final results. She did NOT like the hairspray, and surprisingly, the blush. The lip gloss was her favorite, of course!

Despite the freezing rain, we celebrated with a milkshake at Sonic and then a cuddle in our pjs in front of the fireplace and Christmas tree. A perfect day!

Baby_girl_smile CF6C2796CF6C2792 CF6C2802 “Don’t come near me with that stuff!”CF6C2819applying rouge Rouge2Rouge Ready to go!IMG_5069 A quick pic before the showIMG_50702013-12-07 18.02.14 Ann Maxwell, Riley, Katelynn, HGNutcracker0009 Nutcracker0016 Nutcracker0017 When I picked her up backstage after the show, she asked me, “Did you forget my flowers?!?!” Little diva! Her grandmamas had them out in the auditorium, waiting on her. CF6C2840 CF6C2852 HG_Maxwell_shadow FREEDOM!!!!!CF6C2881Momma_Babygirl_shadows The only way we got her off the stage was Ms. Emily catching her and making a run for it!CF6C2928IMG_5075

A little craziness after the show from these two monkeys…

A perfect end to the day!2013-12-07 21.36.38 2013-12-07 21.36.55

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