Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorating the Tree- Finally!

This girl was begging to decorate for Christmas for days before Thanksgiving, so when the day was finally past and her daddy gave the ok, she immediately wanted to get out the Christmas tree.

I really enjoyed her help decorating this year. She unpacked all of them and directed me where to hang them. We made a big mess but had a lot of fun! We decided to put both the tree and our Snow Village in the den instead of living and dining rooms so that we can enjoy it every day. It’s been a big hit, and she’ll play with the Snow Village people and houses for forever.

Her Elf on the Shelf has returned too. She literally changes his name every day, so I am unsure of what to report his name is today. But as soon as she wakes up, she wants to go find him to see where he has landed from the previous night’s trip to the North Pole. At least he makes it easy to get her out of bed on school mornings!

P.S. I’m trying to start a tradition of getting her an ornament each year that is special for something she’s done or accomplished that year. I guess the long-term goal would be for her to take these with her for her own ‘first tree’ when she grows up, but I can’t think about that without crying- so moving on! Last year, we added an ornament for her Wild West Nutcracker, and this year, we added a soccer player. She’s been really proud of her soccer girl and carries it around constantly.

IMG_5052 “Take a picture of me, Mama!”IMG_5055 Love those tippy toesIMG_5057 What she spent most of the time doingIMG_5058 Ta da!!!IMG_5061

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