Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Cookies at Bubba’s

Christmas Eve morning, Helen Grace and I headed over to Bubba’s to make Christmas cookies. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Rod were in town from Louisiana, and Mere Mere was in from San Diego. We had a ton of fun making a mess together in the kitchen. And of course, William showed up in time for quality inspection as the cookies came out of the oven!

IMG_5404 IMG_5407 IMG_5411 How many blondes does it take to figure out how to decorate cookies? Apparently, at least three (HG, Mere, Mama)!IMG_5420 IMG_5425Rod and Sharon got in on the action too.IMG_5428 IMG_5429 Hope there are some left for the rest of the family on Christmas day- ha!2013-12-24 10.47.37

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