Sunday, December 8, 2013

Addison’s Baptism

Addison was baptized into the Catholic church the weekend after Thanksgiving. Jeanne was really excited to be named her godmother. Addison is now walking, and she was happy in her parents’ arms for the ceremony (the water was no problem!) but wanted to be free as soon as it was over. We all enjoyed celebrating Addison and her special day with the Browns.

Baptism_Addison_2 Close_Up_Addiso Close_Up_Addison_Grin Helen Grace, Addison, and IsaiahClose_Up_Altar_Kids_2 The parents and proud godparentsGodparents The_Browns_Altar WalkingLunch at Swanky’s 2013-11-30 12.46.20 2013-11-30 12.47.06 2013-11-30 12.47.36

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