Monday, November 11, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

As GD and Spiffer were dropping us off at the airport to go to Chicago for fall break, we saw some FedEx planes landing. Spiffer asked if we were taking a FedEx plane to Chicago, and HG said, “No, Spiffer, those only carry packages!” All of our mouths hit the floor. GD asked her, “How do you know those are FedEx planes?” And HG, exasperated and with a ‘like duh’ attitude, said, “They have purple tails!”

HG was at the kitchen table working on some homework one night. She messed something up and said, “Bang it, Mama, bang it!” I’m SO lucky that that’s the word she chose to mimic!

She will tell you that she is doing something for “safety-ness.”

We pulled into the garage one night, and she wasn’t ready to stop watching her movie. “Can I watch the rest for a few hours?”

“I have to beat my head- I just can’t believe it!”

“When are you going to steal me from school?” She is dying for me to check her out of school early.

After Muffins for Moms, I let her play out on the big playground for a bit. She was playing with a few new friends out there, and they were throwing a ball up into a tree. I helped shake it loose one time when it got stuck, and I overheard her tell them, “If you need any help, my mom’s the best.”

Our neighborhood has a cute tradition of ‘boo’ing neighbors. They’ll leave a basket of Halloween goodies (stickers, candy, coloring book, nail polish, etc.) at your front door, and you are supposed to pass along a boo to others. We surprised our neighbors across the street, and I think HG was happier to sneak up to their house and drop it off than when she found ours on our doorstep (and that was a lot of excitement)! 2013-10-28 18.20.42

She spent one of her Fall Break days (while I was in Nashville for work) with Grandma and one with Spiffer and GD. She had a blast at the park with Spiffer and GD!P1040499I love spending Friday nights with these mice curled up in my lap.2013-10-25 20.38.00-22013-10-25 21.28.40 Ice cream date with Bubba2013-10-29 15.38.31 Rebel and MoMo are guaranteed to be in the bed when one of us is. It’s a hard life being a cat.2013-11-01 15.00.43Granddaddy and Spiffer put HG to bed for us one night, and I got this pic while we were out as proof of “almost bedtime.”almost bedtime w GD Loving her mermaid outfit from SpiffermermaidChasing leaves after school one day2013-11-05 14.49.58 And climbing trees2013-11-05 14.54.53 She drew this pic the other day- she and I are the two people in the bottom left corner. In the top right corner is GG and God in heaven.2013-11-06 15.06.54HG got her flu shot on October 9th. She refused to take off her bandaid and wore it with pride until Mrs. Jill, her dance teacher, tricked her and yanked it off last week (Nov. 6th). HG was too stunned to be upset and later professed she was glad it was off. Heavens! The dance moms laughed that I needed to put it in her baby book. :)2013-11-06 16.30.02Found this cute little four-year-old ‘selfie’ on my phone2013-11-09 09.34.06 You know it’s time for a nap when…2013-11-09 13.39.18 Sure enough, Mama was right.2013-11-09 15.42.27 While touring Teddy and Nini/ CB and Emmy’s house construction, we found a TON of ladybugs. Grandma helped HG catch a few and make them a new home. This was perfect timing with HG’s show and tell being this Tuesday!2013-11-10 13.33.18 She cannot be parted with them.2013-11-10 14.18.15 

The girl’s imagination is out of control- and hilarious!

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