Monday, November 11, 2013

School Friends’ Party

This Saturday, we were finally able to make a party for HG’s school friends. It was a combined party for Sara and Emily’s 5th birthdays, and they celebrated at Maple Grove Farm in Collierville. Both girls are in the other JK class so we don’t know them well yet, but I thought it’d be nice for us to get to know the girls and their parents.

The opportunity did not disappoint. When we drove up, a gaggle of girls saw us pull in and came running, squealing, “Helen Grace!!!” She was yelling, “Mama, get me out; get me out!” She ran and played the whole time, and I got some great quality time with the mamas.

Oddly, she refused riding the pony and holding the bunny. Must have been too much going on. But she really enjoyed playing on the playground and chasing everyone around. Oh, the joys of being four!

Olivia, HG, Emma, NicholasIMG_4979 Mary Caroline, Bella Marie, Olivia, HGIMG_4983 IMG_4984 Bella MarieIMG_4985 IMG_4987 Ellis, HG, Bella MarieIMG_4990

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