Monday, November 11, 2013

Muffins with Mom

On Friday, it was Mama’s turn for a special day at school- Muffins with Mom for ‘M’ week!

For Boo Fest on Halloween, I showed up right on time, and HG was one of the last four kids still waiting on parents in the classroom, so I was determined to be there early! I was one of the first two mamas, and they were just getting up from nap and putting the room back together. She saw me through the window and got all excited.

As we waited, another mama walked up, and it turned out that she was Turner’s mom. When she realized that I was Helen Grace’s mom, she said, “OH, Helen Grace is Turner’s girlfriend!!!!!” WHAT?!?!? She said she had been after him to tell him who his girlfriend was, and he finally said, “Ok, ok, it’s Helen Grace, but you CANNOT pick on me in front of her at school!” Hilarious! When I later asked HG if she had a boyfriend at school, she said no and then thought about it some more. Then, “Well, Turner is my boyfriend. He is my best friend, and he’s a boy. So that makes him my boy friend.” Uh huh. :)

Before we dove into the delicious muffins, we put together and colored a cookbook of muffin recipes. Then, we enjoyed some homemade muffins and milk/water. It was really fun to be crowded around their little tables, sitting in tiny chairs and chatting with her friends and their mamas.

After we finished our snack, the kids dispersed around the room. I realized that the girls were gathered around a table in the back of the room, coloring. And then there was HG- wrestling and cackling with the boys on the circle carpet! Well, Mrs. Gossett does say that she plays well with both girls and boys- it was a very enlightening trip for Mama!

The kids moved out to the playground and enjoyed the beautiful day. We were the last people out of the building, of course. The girl has never met a playground (or mirror) that she doesn’t like. But we got to take home a bag of leftover muffins, so that was a bonus!

2013-11-08 14.26.13 2013-11-08 14.40.42 2013-11-08 14.41.46 The Three Musketeers- Mary Kate, Bella Marie, and Helen Grace2013-11-08 14.50.25 Mary Kate2013-11-08 14.53.58 When we walked past this swing painted on the wall, she told me she pretends to sit on it sometimes. :)2013-11-08 15.07.32Climbing trees seems to be a recent trend…2013-11-08 15.20.41…as well as playing in the leaves after school!2013-11-08 15.50.42 leaf angels

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