Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a big Halloween this year!

We started the day with Boo Fest at St. Agnes. Since the weather was so stormy, they had it in the gym, and the kids got their faces painted, made some scary ornaments, and played a ton of games. This was the first time that HG has seen some of these games, so she was a little shy at first. But once she got her candy fix with the first one, she jumped right in!

HG and her friend, Jenna, who lives in Hernando and is in PK. We see her and her mama every morning in the parking lot, and they play on the playground a lot. Jenna comes running to give HG a hug every day!2013-10-31 10.08.27 The first thing she wanted to do was get a pumpkin painted on her face.IMG_4953 And then onto the artwork table.IMG_495516712597 She gave the cake walk a try first.IMG_4958 IMG_4959 And she won a cookie!! Super excited!IMG_4960 Then she tried pumpkin ring toss.IMG_4962 IMG_4963 And then she wanted to go to the Monster Hospital for a cast, but she took it off the minute she got out of the chair.IMG_4965 Mrs. Gossett and Mrs. Blaizel- oh, how thankful I am for these women!IMG_4966 Waiting for the magic show with Mary KateIMG_4967 IMG_4968

While we were waiting for the magic show (which she had already seen at a friend’s birthday party), she decided she was ready to go get some lunch and go home. My big surprise to her was that I checked her out of school afterward, so she was ready to GO! So off we went to say hi to Daddy at his office, and then we drove through Chick-fil-A since the rain was still pouring down. We got home and crawled in bed for a two hour nap- what a wonderful day!

When we woke up, we headed to the MidSouth Ice House for a Halloween special treat of ice skating. We basically had the place to ourselves, so it was a lot of fun. We had to stop for a cup of hot chocolate, of course, and stay to watch the Zamboni clean the ice afterward.

2013-10-31 15.37.52IMG_4971

We headed home to get ready for our neighborhood Halloween party. The rain had pretty much stopped, but it was still really overcast and windy. We set up the table just inside the front door (which HG got REALLY excited to do with Spiffer), and then waited to see if trick-or-treaters actually came. HG had fun hiding under the table and scaring us.

CF6C2004 CF6C2012 CF6C2014CF6C2031 CF6C2037

And around 6:30 p.m., the trick-or-treaters arrived in droves! We went through about 10 bags of candy, and our little Tinker Bell wanted to hand out every piece herself. She had no interest in going door-t0-door which was fine with me. When we ran out of candy and had to go inside, the only way I could get her to go in without tears was to tell her she had to be the hostess for her grandparents and hand out pizza and cupcakes. In she went, running and smiling!

She’s READY!IMG_4976IMG_4978Grandma and Peggy arrive!P1040571 P1040573 Sallie Key, Mariella, and HGP1040578

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