Friday, November 1, 2013

Cedar Hill Farm with the Egners

One beautiful fall Saturday, we met Granddaddy, Spiffer, and the Egners at Cedar Hill Farm- Isaiah’s first time! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and we really enjoyed the day. I lost the battle of having HG wear a cute fall outfit, so just pretend her dress is orange or brown. :)

CF6C1777CF6C1779 CF6C1793 CF6C1808 CF6C1811CF6C1814Playing in the dirt pile kept the kiddos busy for forever.CF6C1863 CF6C1898 CF6C1916 And so did jumping off the hay pile- she was covered in hay but oh so happy!CF6C1936 CF6C1945 CF6C1972 CF6C1975 CF6C1978 CF6C1992P1040513 Doesn’t every acrobat use a trapeze as a swing?P1040566 2013-10-26 13.52.09 P1040569Cedar Hill Farm - Click

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