Saturday, July 27, 2013

Morning on the Farm

We spent a really fun Saturday morning on the farm at Kidz Kountry to celebrate Tyler and Ethan’s birthdays! Surprisingly, HG was a bit shy and passed up some of the hands on activities, but she petted a ferret, duck, and bunny, and at the last minute, decided to ride a pony. She jumped at the chance to ride on a cart, and because she was the tallest in the group, she was seated on furthest end of the bench. Judging by her white knuckles and wide open mouth, I think she had an exhilarating ride! After a train ride for the kiddos, we chowed down on cake and snacks. Very successful morning with our FTM friends. Happy birthday to Tyler and Ethan!

IMG_4501 Catching fliesIMG_4507 IMG_4514 IMG_4521 IMG_4526 Caroline and HGIMG_4532 IMG_4535 So glad she finally decided to take a pony ride!IMG_4537 Hugs from CallumIMG_4538 And Finley had to have one tooIMG_4539 They really loved Mrs. Ashley’s horse creations!IMG_4545

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