Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jump Back to School Camp

I was curious how Helen Grace was going to respond to another week of camp at St. Agnes. Going somewhere every day, especially in the morning, was a new challenge for her, but her only question was, “Do I have to get on stage?” Apparently, she might be a dancer on stage when she grows up, but she probably won’t be an actress! So when she realized she wouldn’t have to perform, she was happy and went to Jump Back to School without complaint. This week, they spent a lot of time in the classroom, practicing their writing, and learning more about the school and routine. She got to meet her new teacher, Mrs. Gossett, but Mrs. Kathi, a 3K teacher, was her teacher for the camp.

I took her to school on Monday morning, and on the way, a monsoon rolled into town. Thunder has really been scaring her lately, so she was a bit on edge about the weather. We waited in the car for the rain to slow down, and she crawled up in my lap in the front seat. We had a nice cuddle, but when we realized the rain wasn’t stopping, out into the pouring cats and dogs we went! When we got to her classroom, she went happily in, and I had to pull her back for a hug and kiss. She was excited- praise the Lord! When Grandma picked her up, she was proud that she had written her whole name. Successful day.

On Tuesday, she was happy to go- no complaints. But it was a wild day. Since it was raining so hard, they were encouraging the carpool line, so my parents dropped her off at the door. Middle school aged boys met her at the door with umbrellas and took her hand. Again, Spiffer had to stop her to get a hug before she ran off with the boys. The rain later knocked out the power at school, and a nearby bank robbery and stand off situation which caused them to go into lock down. Luckily, she didn’t know anything about the police drama and thought it was cool to be in the halls in the dark! My parents picked her up in the carpool line, and she was happy as a lark about her day. When they asked her if she had a good day, she said, “Bigger than big!!”

By Wednesday, I was figuring out that some of her hesitation in the mornings is just the fact that she is NOT a morning person. She loves school and is singing about how much she loves her school by the time she gets there, but when you are dragging her out of bed to brush her teeth and get dressed, she’s not thrilled. I dropped her off in the carpool line, and again, she went in happily. I wasn’t quick enough with my phone to snap a pic, but I took a mental picture of her walking away from me with her cute smocked shorts outfit and carrying her lunch bag. Such a big girl. Afterward, she was happy that they got to play on the playground today and ride bikes. She seems to be making friends although not catching their names. Her teacher said she was doing well, was up to par with the other students, was interacting well (mostly with girls), and if anything, was maybe a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing but that was expected for a new kid at this age. I later asked HG if she played with boys at school. Her response- “I didn't play with any boys at school because I knew they'd give me sweaty kisses, so I didn't go close!"

When my parents picked her up on Thursday, she said she had more fun than with Grace Ann! That is a H-U-G-E statement! And on the way to school on Friday, she asked me, “Are we there yet? I’m so excited!” By the end of the week, she couldn’t tell us what work they were doing in the classroom because she was having too much fun and couldn’t remember. She is super happy about her school and being a St. Agnes girl- mission accomplished!

In the car on Monday morning, waiting on the rain to stop2013-07-22 08.54.48 Picking her up in carpool on Wednesday afternoon- I just missed capturing that flash of recognition and the smile that exploded on her face when she saw me. Maybe this carpool thing won’t be so bad after all. ;)2013-07-24 11.33.26Dropping her off on Fridayschool days2

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