Monday, July 1, 2013

Fireworks- At Long Last!

On Saturday night, we decided to try out the fireworks spectacular at Cedar Hill Farm- the one holiday event there that we’d yet to experience! And man, we were not disappointed. This will definitely become a Toohig family tradition.

The weather was perfect- low to mid 70’s, the sky was perfectly clear, and the crowd was just the right size. The farm was open for a few hours before sunset, so HG rode a pony, fed the animals, watched the chicken show, played on the tractor, and ran around hand in hand with Ann Maxwell and her friend, Ava. We enjoyed listening to the live band and relishing every bite of Italian ice.

At dusk, we found a nice spot on the grass and laid out our quilt. HG frolicked and rolled around between the two of us, just laughing and smiling. Such a nice, idyllic night.

Helen Grace has always liked the idea of fireworks but was scared of the loud noise, so we borrowed Ann Maxwell’s safety headphones which let her enjoy the sights without the booms. She originally was frozen in place in awe when the fireworks started and then started doing the happy dance. I loved hearing her squeals of excitement and am so happy that we were all able to enjoy this ‘first’ moment together!

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