Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bowling Cousins

Last weekend, we met our Hasseltine cousins for some Mexican food and bowling fun. HG looks up to Hayes and Hastings so much, and she gets so excited to see them. Hayes was convinced that she could teach HG the granny roll, and when we realized she wasn’t quite strong enough for that, she taught HG to sit on her booty and push the ball with her feet. Then, Hayes would run along side the lane (luckily, we had the first lane against the wall) and push HG’s ball along when it came to a stop. Hilarious! Sadly, I lost all of my bowling mojo, and HG almost beat my score. Super fun night- regardless of my embarrassing skills!

Kids’ teamIMG_4277 Grownups’ teamIMG_4281 Working on her granny rollIMG_4282

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