Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Princess & A Pirate

This afternoon, we took our little princess, Tinker Bell actually, to meet her pirate, Lawson, at Chick-fil-A for their Pirate & Princess Party. If we were to make it to the event, we had to whisk HG out the door right after her nap, and despite being sleepy, she rallied when she realized it was time to get dressed up as Tinker Bell. It was a hot afternoon, but we all had a blast with the carriage ride, moon bounce, balloon creations, and treasure hunt that led to CFA nuggets! A little Icedream cone cooled us all off though and provided lots of laughs watching these crazy kids try to get theirs down (and keep them off the floor). Fun afternoon!

CFA w lawson1CFA w lawson3

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