Sunday, July 7, 2013


We had a great, laidback 4th of July. We began with a party in our neighborhood where, while playing in the ditch, HG was introduced to tadpoles- made quite the impression on her! She hasn’t stopped talking about it. And of course, there was a bouncy house- whoohoo! Then, we went to Grandma’s and on to Teddy’s for a dip in the pool. After a nap, we headed over to Spiffer and Granddaddy’s for burgers and family time, and then we rounded out the night watching the Olive Branch firework show out of the sunroof of the car with a very sleepy baby girl.

Fascinated by tadpoles. She’s holding our new neighbor Briley Anne’s hand.CF6C0241Have I mentioned that Grandma and Peggy got HG TWO goldfish? She named them Butterscotch and Pepper. Look at that cute little bathing suit booty cleaning out their 1 photo 2 photo 3 “Look what I found in Teddy’s garden!”photo 4Feeling patriotic in our flag shirts from Peggy and JeanneP1040331 Giving a sparkler a whirlP1040333And then she touched the hot end afterward, and that was the end of sparklers for the night.CF6C0247 CF6C0252 CF6C0261 Watching the neighbors setting off fireworksCF6C0272 CF6C0277 Surprise hug attack!CF6C0297

Happy birthday, America!

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