Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cousin Birthday Fun

On Friday, we made a quick trip to Jackson to celebrate Cam and Hastings’ birthdays. Since we had quite the crew for this trip (my parents went with us, and John was off work too), we took Grandma’s minivan. I know that one is inevitably in my future, and although I’m still fighting it pretty hard, there are definitely some BIG perks to driving a minivan!

As usual, Helen Grace was in hog heaven with Hayes, Hastings, and Grace Ann and followed them around like a little puppy. I only had one *minor* mommy meltdown- Helen Grace came downstairs from the playroom for some reason, and I just happened to notice her hands—COVERED in marker ink!!! I mean, it looked like she had decided to draw ON her hands than with them. I panicked because we were at Cam’s parents’ house which is very nice and neat, and HG had just walked down a long stairway with white walls and white carpet. I was SURE that she couldn’t have done all that without leaving a trail, but THANKFULLY, she hadn’t touched anything on her way downstairs. She was not happy to have me (and John and Suzanne) hold her over the sink and scrub her down, but we eventually got the majority of the damage off of her hands and shirt. Whew! That is exactly why markers do not exist in our house- at least for right now!

HG has figured out how to use my camera, and she is obsessed. She has actually gotten pretty good at the aim and captured these glorious ones from the backseat of us driving the stylin’ minivan.CIMG9795 CIMG9796 BEFORE the marker incidentCIMG9804 TROUBLE! (and never a moment of silence)CIMG9805 One of the birthday girls- Hastings turned five.CIMG9808 Grace Ann, Hastings, and HayesCIMG9809 CIMG9810 Bubbles never get old!CIMG9816CIMG9819 CIMG9820 CIMG9821 CIMG9824CIMG9832 CIMG9833Teaching them “I Like to Jump” (school song)CIMG9835 “Hosanna” (another school song)CIMG9837 P1010795 The girl always seems to end up with my banana milkshake.CIMG9864Proof in point- Same drive home along I-55, same drink of choice- October 2010CIMG6501 

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, Cam and Hastings, and happy birthday!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank God for Family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day at Grandma’s with all of Helen Grace’s grandparents and great grandmother.  Helen Grace was so excited to give them all her handprint turkeys that she/we made them, and she wanted me to hand her each person’s so that she could personally deliver them. She didn’t eat much since we were sitting at the dining room table instead of her seat at the pub table with her DVD player, but I do understand a little since the new Curious George movie that she’d been excited about was finally on. Ha! After lunch, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was truly the perfect fall day and felt just right in the sun. Finally, around 1:30, I started trying to convince her to come inside and lay down for a nap, and by some miracle and a few minutes of rocking, I was able to get her down somewhat painlessly. Helen Grace slept almost two hours on Grandma’s bed while the guys slept in front of the tv and the girls chatted in the pub. She woke up clingy (love those wake up snuggles) but was soon ready to go visit Teddy and Nini and show us her dance moves to her new favorite band, the Everly Brothers. Hilarious! We came home with lots of leftovers for dinner, and while Daddy participated in the annual post-Thanksgiving Monopoly game at the Browns, Helen Grace and I cuddled on the couch. Couldn’t ask for more!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving…

I am thankful for a healthy and happy child who spontaneously bursts into song, imagines all kinds of wild things, loves to give her family lots of hugs, sends me random kiss storms, comes up with three syllable words, and makes me cry happy tears on a daily basis.

I am thankful for my hubby who is also a wonderful daddy that loves to play with and chase our baby girl and send her into giggle fits. And he fixes my iPhone when I’m in a panicked fit, and he takes HG for the morning so that I can sleep in. McDreamy!

I am thankful that my baby girl loves her grandparents and Bubba so much and goes so easily to them. It is such a gift from above to watch my parents and grandparents be grand(and great)parents. They are as over the moon for her as we are, and her excitement about hanging out with them sure makes it easier to leave for work or a date night. We are so thankful for ALL that our parents do for us, so selflessly and endlessly. I only hope that we can do the same for our children in our lifetime.

I am thankful for a wonderful circle of friends, both old and new, that make a girl feel pretty special and loved.

I am thankful for a full belly, a warm house, jobs that provide for our family, intelligent and caring doctors, and the freedom to vote.

CIMG9718 CIMG9721CIMG9722 CIMG9726 CIMG9727 CIMG9730 CIMG9731 CIMG9732P1010785 CIMG9735 Playing computer games with GranddaddyCIMG9737CIMG9738 CIMG9739P1010786P1010788Just waking uppeeping 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Warming Up for Turkey Day

This week, we have been stretching, hydrating, and getting ready for the BIG event- Thanksgiving!

We’ve dressed up as pilgrims.pilgrim We’ve practiced our napping skills.naptimeWe perfected our sweet potato casserole recipe.helper And we are keeping the grocery store in business with our boiled custard consumption.pucker up “Sorry, Mommy; all gone!” (I think she likes it. Notice it running down her chest.)all gone 

Bring on the turkey!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: Byhalia Style

On Sunday, we gave thanks with almost all of the Moore family at Bubba’s house. Everyone one was able to make it except for Amy and her family, but we are looking forward to celebrating Selena Kate’s first birthday together in January.

Ryves and Meredith brought their significant others, although this was Mary Chris’ second Thanksgiving with us. It seems that the boy cousins went easy on our guests. After the relentless teasing that John underwent when we were dating, I am shocked that they were nice! They only dragged out one old picture of all of us cousins as kids. :)

While Helen Grace threw a major fit right before everyone got there, she pulled herself together and flipped that toddler switch just in time for the crowd to arrive. She was the perfect angel, cheesing for pictures and giving everyone hugs. I’m not sure how she made that transformation, but I sure am thankful she did!

And for the record, William and Ryves are STILL picking on me about the runny sweet potatoes I made for Thanksgiving dinner over five years ago. This year, we bought the sweet potato casserole at Holiday Ham, but they were still laughing about how my first attempt as a married woman at my mom’s famous dish ran all over their plates. Geez, give a girl a break!

The eternal kids’ table…as much as we pick on each other, I am very very thankful to have grown up with my cousins and look forward to growing old with them.P1010781 Taking her baby to Uncle Doctor Roddr rod P1020840 She found a little bitty pitcher that had 25-year old playdough stuck in it. William worked tirelessly for at least 15 minutes until he finally chiseled it out with an ice pick (after this tooth pick failed him). Hilarious!P1020843 william P1020848 Hate that she has her finger in her nose, but I have to document that she was actually willing to let William hold her for a second.P1020849 P1020850 P1020854 P1020857 Quite the fashionista….the couch’s armcover makes a great shawl.P1020861 sharon spif and gdaddy CousinsP1020863 This is such a typical picture of our life…William laughing hysterically at me. Why does this always seem to happen? This time it was because my hair got stuck in the crepe myrtle.P1020864 P1020869 Trying to fit in in Byhalia…she’s climbing on Calvin’s tailgate. :)P1020873