Saturday, December 29, 2007

To Opryland We Go!

God help us, the Toohigs and the Moores are taking a family trip to Nashville! John's godmother hasn't been to the Opryland Hotel, so we are spending the night and going to see the Rockettes. The theatre dork in me is super excited! The Opryland Hotel has held a special place in our hearts for years, so John and I are looking forward to another fun weekend.

UPDATE: We made it! And we all had a great time! I just absolutely loved the Rockettes, and we had seats on the first row- A-mazing! We had a ball showing Peg around and just escaping from the holiday craziness for a night. We were a little overwhelmed at times by the 5,000 cheerleaders that were there for a competition, but it was kind of fun to watch them and giggle.