Thursday, June 1, 2017

HGT: Field Day

On May 5th, our girls finally (after a rainy day reschedule) got to let loose for their field day. They are quite the competitive class, and they were so excited to challenge (and beat) the boys at tug of war. After the parents jumped in, we sealed the victory over the boys!

2017-05-05 12.04.10

2017-05-05 12.45.37

2017-05-05 13.59.38

2017-05-05 14.03.50

2017-05-05 14.28.44

2017-05-05 14.32.42

2017-05-05 14.40.58

This was HG with Cressey after last year’s field day. Cress wasn’t invited this year…

2016-04-22 14.03.34

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