Sunday, March 5, 2017

Valentine’s Day

John got both Helen Grace and I roses for the special day. HG was SO excited!

2017-02-14 06.32.36

2017-02-13 07.20.50

HG decided to leave me a note as a ‘secret admirer’ and was so tickled by it. She loved telling me that it was really HER!

2017-02-14 06.32.19

Reading Cressey one of her Valentine’s books on Valentine’s morning before school

2017-02-14 06.54.15

2017-02-14 07.14.42-1

HG was star of the week- how neat is that?! Grandma went to school on Monday to read an Amelia Bedelia book to her class and to take cookies to the girls at lunch.

2017-02-16 09.21.45

I took her Newk’s for lunch on Tuesday, actual Valentine’s Day. They also had a casual day, so they were SUPER excited.

 2017-02-14 13.10.22

Their class did a Mary Cassatt artwork project where they chose a painting and then recreated it in a photo and added a special Impressionist filter. I was happy to help but had no idea that our creation would be on display in the school’s main hallway! HG was really proud though, and it was fun to watch her put all the pieces together- she staged the scene and dressed both of us.

2017-02-14 13.28.06

On Valentine’s night, John and I went to the Racquet Club to watch the Memphis Open tennis tournament with some friends, but the girls had a fun night with their babysitter, Corrie. She helped HG cover strawberries in chocolate and make me a card. So sweet!

2017-02-15 09.15.49

2017-02-15 09.15.54

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