Sunday, March 5, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: Late February

HG asked if I had any more movies from my childhood like Mrs. Doubtfire that she could watch. I told her we needed to show her Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and she asked, “Is it in color?”

John walked in as HG was watching a Monsters, Inc. movie, and he asked which movie she was watching. “It’s the new virgin of Monsters, Inc., Daddy.” (Monsters U)

HG asked me, “Mommy, are you making at new mommy friends?” (at Kindermusik)

Her teacher gave her the Peacemaker Award (and also the cutest little sister and best big sister awards), and she also chose her to be a buddy to a potential new student.

February 24- the first time I had to pull over while driving and separate them in the backseat. HG was trying to practice her spelling words, and Cressey was touching her. The next time she got in the car, she had to immediately move her seat back over next to Cressey’s.

February 26- Spiffer was helping me with bath time, and we were watching the girls splash and squeal in the purple colored water. She asked, “Did you think you’d ever know joy like this?”

Cressey made an appearance on the SAA-SDS Shine Instagram page!
2017-02-14 22.26.50
2017-02-15 12.06.15
2017-02-16 07.31.57
2017-02-16 07.32.12
2017-02-16 11.25.03
2017-02-16 11.25.24
What a GIFT it is to look back in the mirror and see this miracle joy baby.
2017-02-16 14.38.32
A little Seafood Junction makes her happy, happy, happy.
2017-02-16 17.36.33
Big sis is such a big help, and bath time has become such a fun time for them together.
2017-02-16 19.21.04
2017-02-17 07.05.07
2017-02-17 07.06.41
2017-02-17 07.07.27
2017-02-17 07.07.30
Despite the trauma of the flu shot this year, the flu reared its ugly head with HG on the Sunday of President’s Day weekend. She woke up at Grandma’s with a high fever and cough, and it was downhill from there. She didn’t move from our bed for two days.
2017-02-19 12.34.17
2017-02-19 13.18.04
A break in the fever gave us a glimpse of her smile again.
2017-02-20 15.14.18
Cressey and John tried to stay away from the house as much as possible, so they walked around the lake at Shelby Farms a lot!
2017-02-20 15.55.49
2017-02-20 15.56.32
2017-02-21 08.00.52
2017-02-21 08.01.11
Cressey’s point reminds us of Jamin’s adorable little point.
2017-02-21 08.04.53
Grape popsicles and homemade matzah ball soup from Ms. Marcy to the rescue!
2017-02-21 10.26.37
2017-02-25 07.01.14
A sister reunion was much anticipated after 24 hours of HG being fever free.
 2017-02-21 16.56.34-1
2017-02-21 16.56.37
And HG finished reading her very first chapter book all on her own, Third Grade Mermaid. She was SO EXCITED.
2017-02-21 19.29.03
2017-02-21 21.48.26
2017-02-22 07.07.44
HG asked for us to continue the tradition we started last year of putting a note on her door each night with something we love about her.
2017-02-22 20.06.39
Baby blue eyes
2017-02-23 07.07.55
Don’t let a drop go to waste.
2017-02-23 08.46.54
The weather has been so nice that we tried to get out for a walk after school when we can. C was thrilled to have sissy join her in the stroller.
2017-02-23 16.51.56
2017-02-24 07.34.02
2017-02-24 10.21.12
Kindermusik fun
2017-02-24 11.31.57
2017-02-24 11.45.47
2017-02-24 13.05.13
Not smart, Blue; not smart.
2017-02-24 16.20.40
The next weekend after the flu hit, we all needed some fresh air, so we hit up Huey’s and then Shelby Farms.
2017-02-25 13.21.38
It was COLD but beautiful. We made it for a little bit of a walk and then had to turn around. The wind was so brutal!
2017-02-25 13.42.46
2017-02-25 13.52.37 HDR
2017-02-25 13.53.34
2017-02-25 13.55.22
2017-02-25 13.56.19
2017-02-25 17.23.26
2017-02-25 17.33.13
2017-02-25 20.04.02
2017-02-26 07.34.42
2017-02-26 12.13.11-1
2017-02-27 12.06.38
Cressey stayed at Spiffer and GD’s while I ran some errands, and when I came home, I found this view upstairs as C was just waking up from a nap.
2017-02-28 15.27.40
C and I picked up HG from EDA one day, and she couldn’t even wait until we got home to hold sissy.
2017-02-28 17.01.03
“Hungry girl” by Granddaddy

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