Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Eve

I was a little nervous about how our newest family addition would affect our Christmas traditions (without her last nap of the day and her 7 p.m. bedtime), but I finally decided to chill out and push on with our beloved family gatherings.

Bubba was asked to read the Advent reading and HG to light the candles at Bubba’s Christmas Eve service, and HG was SO excited! Granddaddy was up there to help her too, so she wasn’t a bit nervous. Cressey was an angel until the last few minutes. Once the congregation lit the candles, she wanted to hold the flame. Life lesson not learned yet!

Afterward, we went to Jeanne’s to sit in front of the fire, snack on our favorites (corn dip, pimento cheese, and shrimp), and open gifts. Lillian, Marty, and Charlie came over later too. I expected to have to put Cressey in bed there, but she made it (pretty happily) until 8:00 or so. Then, we had to make a quick exit, but it was much better than I thought!

We came home to quickly spread reindeer food, leave out cookies and boiled custard, give Cressey a bottle, and all hit the hay! Santa was on his way!

Ready for church
2016-12-24 16.43.08
2016-12-24 16.45.30
2016-12-24 16.46.13
2016-12-24 16.50.09-2
2016-12-24 16.53.29
2016-12-24 16.56.54-1
2016-12-24 17.12.20

2016-12-24 17.57.13
2016-12-24 17.58.52
“But I want it, Dada!”
2016-12-24 17.59.45
2016-12-24 18.09.22
2016-12-24 18.09.34
2016-12-24 18.10.26
2016-12-24 18.41.12
Cabbage Patch Kid!!!!
2016-12-24 18.57.59
2016-12-24 19.16.11
2016-12-24 20.05.58
Grandma gave all us girls pajamas, so we got comfy there before we come home. Nice to come home and be ready for bed!
2016-12-24 21.38.22
2016-12-24 21.36.41
2016-12-24 21.39.41

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