Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cressey Meets Santa

Last year, HG and I really enjoyed meeting Santa at Stroud Photography where we had a set time and were able to dodge a long line and Santa was so nice and jolly. So this year, we decided to visit him there again (on Sat., December 3rd).

Friday afternoon, I noticed HG had a fever and then became lethargic. Her tummy was uneasy, and she wanted to mostly stay in the bed (and even fell asleep on and off- whoa!). Her fever quickly disappeared Friday evening, but she was still so slow and tired. Saturday morning though, I pushed her to push through it, and we headed on to our meeting.

Since HG was a little defeated, she didn’t fight me too much about what to wear, so I was able to get matching dresses on the girls- woooohoooo! Cressey was a little fussy as we waited, so I got a bottle in her. When it was our turn, HG rallied and happily chatted with Santa, and then it was Cressey’s turn. She’s normally fine with strangers, but she’s never seen one with a full white beard. She did beautifully though, as she gave him some good lookovers but then gave us some sweet grins. We were very pleased with the adorable pics we were able to get with a pitiful HG and an almost eight month old. I’ll call that a success!

For the record, HG asked Santa for a Cabbage Patch doll and a Baby Alive doll, and she told Santa that Cressey wanted a walker toy.







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