Thursday, November 17, 2016

CMT: Seven Months

At seven months old, Cressey can sit up like a champ. She’s even reaching way forward and to the side and 90% of the time can pull herself back up.

Ever since she could hold her own head up, she has not been one to lay her head on your shoulder. While she always wants to be on my hip, she’s just one to really snuggle. BUT I have noticed her a few times lately lean into me and put her head on my shoulder for a few seconds- maybe the start of a hug???

On Nov 11th, her first tooth (on her bottom right) broke through.

She holds up her arms for you to pick her up. Mama is such a sucker for that!

She’s gotten much better at eating baby food and isn’t tongue thrusting so much. Still would rather have her milk though.

She has started opening and closing her hand- perhaps working on waving?

She has become a side sleeper. Still takes two long naps (after school drop off and after noon) and then a shorter one around dinner time.

We’ve been spoiled that she’s been such a good sleeper and a laidback baby, but this teething has thrown a kink in things. This past weekend, she was really fussy all day and night. The nights were rough, as she woke up several times and was inconsolable. In general, she wants to be held, then doesn’t want to be held; wants to eat, then doesn’t want to eat. She’d just sit in the floor and cry. At one point in the early morning hours, she even threw up. I finally took her to the doctor (she weighs 24 pounds), and there was nothing wrong. Maybe an ear infection starting, maybe a virus, but most likely teething. Please let this next tooth come in and give me my easy going baby back!

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