Sunday, September 11, 2016

CMT: 5 Months

Starting to sit up for a few seconds on her own, although still wobbly

She has a neck again and really cranes around to look at things

Has a funny ‘heh-heh’ laugh/cough

Reaches intentionally for things like necklaces

HG loves to ‘put her to sleep’ in her rocker upstairs, until she starts to cry and then she all but flings her off her lap.

Wants to nap more in her bed and doesn’t always liked to be put in the ‘mama hold.’ Trying to switch to the Zipadee Zip- takes longer to get her settled at night, although once she’s down, she’ll sleep 10-11 hours. Waking up around 6:30 now- does she hear us downstairs, or is she just getting used to the school routine? Still naps about an hour every food cycle.

Trying desperately to blow raspberries

Puts her legs up when you lay her down to change her diapers

Will turn her head into your shoulder and burrow her head when she’s flirting or being shy

Has rolled over one more time from tummy to back (roll #2) with HG in the den floor (Sept 3rd). She seems like she’s about to roll from her back to her tummy every time you put her on the changing table.

Wearing 12 mos onesies and busting out of them, specifically in the length. We are officially out of summer clothes and are scouring the clearance racks to find more options to take us through the rest of the summer.

Steals the hearts of strangers left and right, especially all the workers in our house. Such a happy and smiley baby. She really only cries when she’s hungry or has been pushed too far past her bedtime.

Sept 7th- first time to sit in a highchair at dinner at Old Venice for Granddaddy’s birthday

Getting so heavy in her car seat that I have started taking her out of her seat and carrying her inside stores on my hip. Keeps her happier and saves my back!

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