Thursday, June 23, 2016

Visiting Corporate America

On June 15th (and after her shots), I ventured out to show Cressey where her parents spend their working hours. Our coworkers were over the moon to finally meet her, and she behaved well- no spit ups or freak outs! Afterward, she joined Ginna, Katherine, and I for lunch at Houston’s and only woke up when the check arrived.

Look at these excited ladies at John’s office! I saw them all reach for their hand sanitizer when they saw us come in the door, and then they lined up, waiting for their turn.
2016-06-15 10.26.24
2016-06-15 10.30.44
2016-06-15 10.42.40
At my office, Justin saw me walking up to the building and was waiting on us at the office door. Kirk saw us as he came back from the bathroom, and being the baby hog that he is, he immediately took her out of Corrie’s arms for some snuggles. In turn, Lindsey came along and stole her from him. I met most of the rest of the office when I rounded the corner into the bullpen. They squealed and then wanted to get their hands on the baby. Was great to see everyone!
 2016-06-15 11.01.57
2016-06-15 14.38.12
Worn. Slap. Out.
2016-06-15 11.42.36
2016-06-15 13.36.22

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