Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Blackmans’ Visit

The first week of June, we had a really fun visit with the Blackmans, Amy and Emsley, from Fayetteville who came to play for a few days. Thursday morning, we hung out at the Bakers’ house, and then on Friday morning, we went to the zoo where we also met the Lings. The girls picked right up from our annual lake house weekend, and HG loved introducing her sister to Amy and Emsley. What special friends they are!

Everyone needed a little Cressey cuddle time.
2016-06-02 13.20.03
Ready to tackle the zoo on a very hot day
2016-06-03 10.04.39
2016-06-03 10.05.10
2016-06-03 10.16.12
2016-06-03 10.41.39
Emsley, Camille, HG, and Alaina
2016-06-03 11.07.00
2016-06-03 11.16.19
We had to stop to see the polar bears so that we could cool off a bit (and get a diaper change)!
2016-06-03 11.35.16
2016-06-03 11.39.06-1
Alaina’s artwork for the opening of the new Zambezi exhibit won her age group and is on display!
2016-06-03 12.05.36
Cressey was passed around at lunch at Memphis Pizza.
2016-06-03 12.48.33
2016-06-03 12.48.54-2
2016-06-03 12.49.11-1
2016-06-03 12.50.43
2016-06-03 13.17.59

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