Monday, June 13, 2016


Seven year old check up stats (June 9, 2016):

  • 50.25 inches (4 ft 2 in), 80th percentile (has stayed between 75-90 percentile her whole life)
  • 56 pounds 6 ounces, 70th percentile
  • BMI 50th percentile
  • Hearing was good; vision was 20/25

She’s become a little sassy- she gives us a little more push back on instructions (not always an immediate ‘yes sir’) and is unreasonably dramatic at times. (She’ll ask me if things match and then freak out when I say they don’t.) On that note, you have to fight her to get a dress on her these days. She would prefer to wear a tank top and shorts, and she is obsessed with wedge heels.

She is acting a little more interested in technology (iPad, video games), watching ‘real people’ tv shows (not cartoons), big into Legos and building things, still plays pretend ‘school’ and with her Lego sets.

And while she’s more ‘mature’ in her interests at times, she can still be a little clingy. (Should be noted that John says ‘very clingy’ here.) She wants to sleep in mama’s bed at every opportunity and she wants to be involved in anything I’m doing, but she’s not shy about doing new things on her own (went to pony camp and tried a gym class without knowing anyone).

Reading has just taken off this school year. She reads everything:  signs going down the street, closed captioning on tv, texts that pop up while she’s playing on my phone.

As a student, she’s not overly conscientious. She does not voluntarily study for tests, but with minimal effort, she makes great grades and is a kind and polite classmate.

She loves to sing along to the radio and now will often choose listening to the radio over watching a movie. She picks up words to songs very quickly (she knows EVERY word of Taylor Swift’s songs) and sings them to herself often.

She is still very excited about swimming and riding horses. Soccer and dance seem to be on the down swing.

She has conquered riding her bike exactly twice and hasn’t had any interest in doing it again.

She still hates bubbly drinks and prefers milk, tea, or water. In the morning and at bedtime, she needs her milk along with lovey and her blanket. She still strokes lovey’s ear while she’s drinking.

At her 7 year old check up, Dr. Vargo took her off of her nightly inhaler since she has gone so long without any asthma attacks. We’ll pick it back up in August for the fall, since September is usually our danger zone. Barring any issues though, he’ll likely let her do the flu mist instead of the flu shot.

As a six year old, she lost three teeth and is more brave about taking care of them on her own.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?  A doctor and a vet
  • Favorite subject?  Science and math and recess
  • BFF?  Annabella
  • Favorite vacation?  Boston
  • Where do you want to live when you grow up?  NYC
  • Where do you want to go to college?  Ole Miss (and be a Delta Gamma)
  • How many kids do you want to have?  Two; Would you adopt or have them yourself?  Not sure yet
  • Favorite color?  Pink (same as last  two years) and purple
  • Favorite food?  Corn (same as last two years) and spaghetti with meatballs
  • Favorite princess?  Brave
  • Favorite toy?  Lovey (same as last two years)
  • Favorite city?  Ireland
  • Favorite animal?  Cheetah (no idea), baby kitten, puppy dog
  • Favorite movie?  “my movies” (that I film of her being silly)
  • Favorite tv show?  Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World (definitely switched to Disney shows with ‘real actors’)

Firsts as a six year old:

  • Swimming in/ tubing on a lake
  • Water balloon fights
  • Redbirds game
  • Paddle boarding and kayaking in the ocean
  • Riding tandem bike at the beach
  • First field trip- Cedar Hill Farm (with Mama as a chaperone), later zoo and Chucalissa (just with teachers)
  • Finally figured out monkey bars
  • Tying shoes (just in time for April 1 deadline/ party incentive at school)
  • Riding rides at fairs with confidence (and maybe peer pressure from Sallie Key)
  • Tick bite (DRAMA)




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