Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HGT’s Real 7th Birthday & Last Day of First Grade

For the first time, Helen Grace was in school for her birthday (it was the second to last day of first grade and the last whole day), and she was really excited about getting the special attention from her friends.

She started the day by opening gifts in mama’s bed, and as requested, she got tons of Legos and clothes (for the first time- she’s a big girl now!). The night before, she and I had looked back at her pic from the first day of first grade, and she wanted to wear the exact same uniform and fix her hair the same way. We snapped some pics before she left for school with Grandma, and she asked to hold Cressey in some. Cute!

I took her a cookie cake to lunch at school and had a big ‘mom fail’ by bringing those birthday party streamer horns. I didn’t remember their being so loud, but 19 first graders sure have strong lungs. I felt so bad about the ruckus I caused in the lunchroom, but Mrs. Barksdale laughed it off and was a lot more laidback than I would have been! I checked out HG after lunch, and we came home to decorate for her family dinner that night.

All of her grandparents, Bubba, and the Browns came over for pizza and chocolate cake with trick candles, just as she requested. She had a big time, and apparently, playing with tissue paper doesn’t lose its luster past the age of one!

Happiest of birthdays to the sweetheart who made us parents!

Good morning, birthday girl!
2016-05-25 05.52.43
2016-05-25 05.56.05
2016-05-25 06.04.56
2016-05-25 06.05.06
Had to get started on the Legos before school!
2016-05-25 06.34.55
2016-05-25 07.02.02
First and last day of first grade- a lot sure has happened in this year!
2016-05-25 07.11.10
First/last day of SK
2016-05-25 21.42.02
First/last day of JK
2016-05-25 21.38.49
First/last day of Maples MDO
2016-05-25 21.42.46
Lots of laughs at lunch with the horns
2016-05-25 11.33.02-2
2016-05-25 11.35.14

There was a bad rainstorm mid afternoon, but Blue had no clue as he was too busy trying  to attack the happy birthday banner.
2016-05-25 16.09.51
2016-05-25 18.18.04-2
Dancing with Daddy
2016-05-25 18.36.16
2016-05-25 18.36.18
2016-05-25 18.47.58
2016-05-25 18.58.18
2016-05-25 19.03.53
Bubba made this dress for HG and now Cressey is wearing it.
2016-05-25 19.19.07
{Baby HG at 4 mos old- Sept 2009- in the same dress}

 After the party, “Thanks a lot, sissy.”
2016-05-25 19.55.02
After everyone left, she was stuck like glue to her new iPad in her new spider chair. Happy as a pig in you-know-what!
2016-05-25 20.13.31

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