Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Toohig Tidbits

Her spelling words last week included ‘to’ and ‘two.’ As Spiffer studied with her, she asked how HG could tell the difference between the two words. HG said, “’To’ is the preposition.”

As HG laid in bed one night, she rolled over to face her shelf of ribbons and trophies. She said, “I like who I am because I like to be someone that wins a lot of awards and someone that is teachers’ favorite to teach.”

When I lay down with HG at night, I usually read articles or a book on my phone, and HG likes to ask me about what I’m reading. One night, I told her the book I was reading was about a mom that was overly involved in her daughter’s life, telling her who to date and what to do with her life, etc. HG said, “That’s just being a good mom- like you. They tell you what to do because they want the best for you.”

Mama Update:  As I turned the corner on week two after c section, I was still hurting at times but getting around better. For the most part, I could get out of bed on my own, although sometimes with a lot of effort/pain. At the beginning of the third week, I am feeling like a whole new person. I can get out of bed all by myself and without pain, and I can easily get up and down the stairs. I do still have some back pain or core discomfort after a long day, but I no longer need pain meds.

Baby Update:  Cressey is sleeping most of the day, and she eats as often as every 2-3 hours (which makes for a very long night). Her volume level goes from 0 to 60 in two seconds. When she wakes up and is hungry or wet, she will immediately let you know. She does well in the car, usually falling asleep. She’s still grunting a lot, and her eyes are still gunky at times (both of which Dr. Vargo said are totally normal). We are working on finding the right formula, but she is less likely to throw up lately if you can get her to burp- which is reallllly hard to do. She likes to be warm and bundled up in a fluffy blanket, and she sleeps swaddled, although sometimes she wants her arms to be free. In general, she seems to be much more laidback than her big sister was, both in temperament and in her sleeping/eating habits. 

Big Sister Update:  HG is still a wonderful big sister, and now that we are back to our normal nighttime routine, she hasn’t had anymore tantrums about the baby. She wants to hold her constantly, although she still has no interest in changing a diaper and is terrified she’ll throw up on her.
2016-04-18 17.31.36
Ringing in his 38th birthday in style!
2016-04-18 19.06.26
2016-04-18 20.22.44
2016-04-19 15.43.59
2016-04-19 16.54.29
2016-04-20 06.40.11
Love this new family tree by HG
2016-04-20 07.00.41
And also this page in her religion packet
2016-04-20 07.01.56
This seems to be her favorite position.
2016-04-20 07.10.32
2016-04-20 08.45.29
2016-04-20 13.48.11-2
2016-04-20 14.56.36
2016-04-20 17.59.47
2016-04-20 18.24.41
2016-04-21 06.29.36
2016-04-21 14.01.16
2016-04-21 16.04.26
2016-04-21 17.29.04
2016-04-21 19.17.56-1
2016-04-21 22.02.52
Dress up shenanigans by her big sister begin now!2016-04-24 09.40.38-2
2016-04-24 11.51.06

2016-04-24 14.47.33
2016-04-24 15.36.08
FaceTiming with Addie
2016-04-24 16.06.33
2016-04-24 18.53.56
2016-04-24 20.25.20
2016-04-24 21.44.42
2016-04-25 11.06.41
2016-04-25 11.19.38
2016-04-25 12.53.59
2016-04-25 13.34.32-1
2016-04-25 14.39.23
2016-04-25 16.01.17
On the 26th, Cressey and I finally made the trek (with Spiffer) to SAA to pick up HG. She was soooo excited to see all of us! We stopped for a sno cone on the way home, and Cressey did great on the ride, sleeping the whole way.
2016-04-26 15.06.42

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