Saturday, March 12, 2016

Goodbye, DG House

The construction on our Delta Gamma house at Ole Miss will be starting soon, so the chapter held a ‘goodbye day’ for alums to come by and take some last pictures. Helen Grace was happy to come along to Oxford with me on a beautiful Sunday afternoon so that she could play with the big girls and have one of our famous sugar cookies. When she got tired of my talking to grown-ups, she’d find a collegian she knew and off she ran! I’m thankful for one more chance to get some DG love in with my girl and hope we are making lifetime memories!

combo frame
July 2015
Gotta have a pic in our Founders Room chair, and now Cressey joins us! It’s getting a little crowded these days. {March 2016}
2016-03-06 14.26.05
She found Mama on one of the composites.
2016-03-06 14.41.07
Visiting my room from my senior year…
2016-03-06 14.41.55
2016-03-06 14.42.01
2016-03-06 14.43.56
Doty’s little girls, Allison and Caroline, came too!
2016-03-06 14.50.00
Mary Kylie and Julie, my pledge sisters, made the trip.
2016-03-06 14.53.52
Abby, my old rituals director, taught HG to ‘throw what you know,’ and she was so proud of herself.
2016-03-06 16.52.40
By this point, HG was over taking pictures, but this was the only way she’d agree to take one (in her new favorite pose).
2016-03-06 15.11.48
2016-03-06 15.14.39
2016-03-06 15.18.51
2016-03-06 15.26.10
2016-03-06 15.27.46 HDR

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