Saturday, March 26, 2016

Good Friday: Egg Hunt & Mani/Pedi

To really blow out Spring Break with a bang, I took off one more day on Good Friday. We headed to the Hines’ for the second annual SAA egg hunt. The girls always have such a good time- as do the mamas- and this year was just a little warmer than last year (because it was frigid in 2015). To this extra hormonal (read: hot) mama, it felt wonderful in the sun!

2016-03-25 12.50.20

2016-03-25 12.55.00

2016-03-25 12.56.16

2016-03-25 12.56.24

2016-03-25 12.58.04

2016-03-25 12.59.23

2016-03-25 12.59.41

When I asked her what she wanted to do afterward, she was pretty set on getting her nails done. She hasn’t been interested lately, so I went without her recently. Of course, she noticed the second I took my shoes off, and she was mad! She wanted to get hers done too, so we finally had our mani for her/ pedi for me date. With it being the Friday before Easter, it was PACKED, but HG was as patient as I’ve ever seen her. When it was finally her turn, she got her fingernails done while I was in the back getting my pedi. She told me she had all these rules- no clipping nails or hangnails, etc., which I passed along to the manicurist, but when I saw her after I finished, she had let her do ALL of it and she was so proud of her beautiful manicure- hot pink on one hand and purple on the other. She skipped out of there, singing, “I love my nails!” And then she asked to go home, get in pjs, and play Zelda with Daddy. Perfect ending to such a fun day with my girl!

2016-03-25 16.19.02

2016-03-25 17.12.20

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