Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

HG had a big time at the neighborhood egg hunt on Saturday morning, and thankfully, the weather was much warmer and nicer this year! She had no interest in taking a pic with the Easter Bunny though as she said it was kinda freaky for someone to dress up in a bunny costume. Well, she had a point there! We walked all the way down to the gazebo area down the street, and when she saw the jumpy, she had to turn around, run home, and get some bloomers. She would not even discuss jumping in a dress without proper attire on. Hilarious but so proud of her ladylike behavior!

2016-03-26 10.27.01

As she went to sleep on Saturday night, she asked me to find an ‘Easter Bunny’ cam like her Tooth Fairy cam, so I did my best and found one to catch the EB in action! She was ecstatic to see the proof on Sunday morning, although when you ask her what Easter is really about, she will proudly tell you every detail of the Easter story. She went through it all on the way home from dinner on Saturday, and John and I were quite impressed with her attention to detail. I’m glad she’s able to enjoy the commercial side of Easter but still really appreciate the REAL reason we celebrate!

2016-03-26 21.17.55
2016-03-27 06.12.35
Mocha wanted to be a part of the action too!
2016-03-27 06.18.52

Our traditional Easter morning pics on the stairs took a silly turn when this little giggle box couldn’t get it together…

2016-03-27 09.17.45
2016-03-27 09.20.22
2016-03-27 22.22.08

As mass wrapped up, Cressey was moving up a storm, so I grabbed HG’s hand and put it on my belly. She was able to really feel her move several times. She came to the conclusion that Cressey must like her purple nail polish more than her hot pink polish because she kicked that hand more.

2016-03-27 11.12.53
2016-03-27 11.13.23-1
2016-03-27 11.14.00
On to brunch at Mesquite where this tired mama *very much* enjoyed a mimosa…a day shy of 38 weeks…
2016-03-27 11.45.33
Showing Bubba how to play a game on her iPad
2016-03-27 12.44.08

I'm not sure if HG showing Bubba her way around an iPad OR the conversation going on in the background is funnier, especially when HG says, "You know that is not orange juice." Lol!

2016-03-27 12.48.59
2016-03-27 12.49.18
This is what “I’m not sleepy” looks like.
2016-03-27 14.04.59
A wonderful end to a beautiful weekend!
2016-03-27 14.33.16

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