Sunday, February 14, 2016

Will you be my Valentine?

Our whole Valentine’s weekend was perfect- laidback and full of special times. Friday night, HG spent the night with Spiffer and GD, and John and I celebrated Valentine’s a little early with one of the best steaks we’ve had in a while at Mesquite Chophouse.

On Saturday, we slept in a bit, took lunch to Spiffer and GD and picked up HG, had an afternoon puttering around the house (working on Cressey’s room), went to mass, and had Mexican for dinner.

On Sunday, Valentine’s Day, HG had slept in our bed with me and woke up bright and early at 6 a.m. She couldn’t wait to dive into her gift, so we started off the day in bed, watching her light up with every little gift and enjoying the plate of candy breakfast she made us. We rallied for a family brunch at Bosco’s at 11, and then we came home for some downtime. Grandma came over late afternoon to pick up HG for a date night since she’s out of school on Monday for President’s Day and will be at her house for the day.

What a great, laidback weekend with the ones we love!

Starting the V Day celebration before the sun came up…
2016-02-14 06.23.54
2016-02-14 06.25.16
2016-02-14 06.26.52-1
The girl read every word of her card out loud. I still have to shake my head sometimes at the vast improvement in her reading (and confidence) in the last two months.
2016-02-14 06.30.47
Who doesn’t love a breakfast of M&Ms, Skittles, Reeses PB cups, and Hershey bars?
2016-02-14 06.39.23
The selfie stick might have been the best and worst gift ever! “Say cheese!” We might have created a monster.
2016-02-14 07.03.48
2016-02-14 07.09.05
Working on cards for grandparents
2016-02-14 07.32.00
2016-02-14 07.48.35
Family pic with Cressey before we head to brunch
2016-02-14 09.55.58
A day shy of 32 weeks
2016-02-14 09.56.28
More selfie stick action with Grandma on the way to Bosco’s
2016-02-14 10.18.29
2016-02-14 11.07.55
HG said she chose to sit on the Toohig side of the booth because she had a hard head like the Toohigs and not a soft head like the Moores!
2016-02-14 11.43.33
2016-02-14 11.43.52
Just when I feel like she might be done with me and cuddles with mama, she asks to come sit in my lap. She’s been doing that a lot in the last week or two. She’s starting to learn she can’t sit/fit on my lap with her back to me, so she’ll turn and face me and lean against my belly. She’ll sit like that for a while with her arms wrapped around me. And has wanted to cuddle at a few dinners out lately. (She used to only do that as an attempt to get away with not finishing her food, but now she’s done and just needs some love.) Maybe she senses her world is about to change. Today she sat next to me and watched the band play for a long time- even went with me on a bathroom break and came back for more!
2016-02-14 12.02.54
She is obsessed with my booties, and after much searching, I finally found a kids’ version. They came in the mail yesterday, and she’s in love. Barely taken them off! She asked to be twinkies today, and I was happy to oblige.2016-02-14 12.49.36
Here is her door with all her Valentine's hearts. We started February with her jumping out of bed to see her new heart, but while she was still interested, she was less enthusiastic about waking up to see them after that first week!

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