Friday, February 12, 2016

"Non Showering" Cressey

While I have been pretty adamant about not having a baby shower because we’ve pretty much already bought the stuff we need thanks to HG’s need for instant gratification (plus, I hate being the center of attention), we’ve gotten a lot of push back from our friends who want to throw us a party. So they’ve had to get a bit sneaky…

February 3, 2016: 30 weeks 2 days. While I didn’t get to see her sweet face in an ultrasound at Dr. Neblett’s this visit, Cressey’s heart rate was good and strong. I remember HG’s kicks being more external, as in I could see and feel parts of her moving across my tummy. With Cressey, I feel her more internally, and she regularly kicks an organ hard enough that I stop in my tracks and yelp out (and get odd looks from strangers). Sometimes, it still feels like my tummy is turning like with nerves or a tummyache (although I can often feel her ball up in a certain spot and tell that it’s a head or bottom). Dr. Neblett explained that I have an anterior placenta, which means it is attached to the front of my unterus, so there’s more padding on the front of my stomach and would make me feel less on the outside and more on the inside. That sounds complicated but does makes sense!

2016-02-03 13.01.22

After my appointment, we had plans to meet the Hudsons for dinner. I thought it was odd that Will threw out a date to set it up and that it was a Wednesday night, but John swore he knew of no ulterior motives and didn’t think it was weird. But when his office cleared out around 5 (all with various excuses), he texted me that maybe I was on to something. When we showed up at Andrew Michael’s for dinner, the Ducks were also there…and then the Demosses and the Farmers and Ryan- they surprised us with a dinner to celebrate Cressey! They had a beautiful private room set aside, so we were able to sit back and enjoy each other. They let me take the gifts (and flowers and balloons) home to HG, so she helped me open them the next day. She ooohed and aaahed over each itty bitty gown, and if it weren’t for Cressey’s name monogrammed on a few things, she would have claimed them for herself!

2016-02-03 18.50.14
2016-02-03 19.39.24
2016-02-04 16.33.06
2016-02-04 16.33.10

February 12, 2016: 31 weeks 4 days. My Vaco girls and I compromised and agreed to set aside a lunch to celebrate Cressey, which was perfect. A few minutes before the rest of us loaded up to head to lunch, Ginna left early ‘for an errand,’ which struck me as odd. Katherine asked if Katie and I minded if we stopped by her house on the way to Houston’s to check on her puppy, Sibby. As we pulled up, I saw Ginna and Shanleigh’s cars- they had tricked me with the lure of Sibby! They brought in several {very sweet} gifts- a space saver high chair, an iHome, a play mat, and some luxurious pajamas! And then we were off to Houston’s for a celebration lunch. Great day!

2016-02-12 12.22.25-1

While I was at lunch, HG was home with Spiffer and Granddaddy on a day off of school (long President’s Day weekend), putting up the baby bed. According to GD, she was actually a really big helper!


Around 56 days until she arrives- about time for the girl to have a bed!


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