Saturday, December 26, 2015

Caroling & Cookies

On December 20th, our neighborhood kids came together for caroling and cookie decorating. The weather was really chilly that night, but as long as the sun was still shining a bit, they had fun knocking on doors and singing festive songs. (I think HG just liked holding the song book and ‘reading’ the lyrics. For the record, she had very little to do with me and preferred to run around with Sallie Key, and Mariella.) But once the sun disappeared, it was COLD. After a long loop, we finally (and thankfully) made it back to the Words’ house for cookie decorating. While they were hard at work, we heard jingle bells at the front door and realized Santa had arrived! HG was really neutral about him being there. She wasn’t excited or scared, just uninterested really. She had no interest in talking to him since she had already had her visit (she really wanted Sallie Key to come upstairs and play with her instead), but eventually, after all the other kids had their turns, I asked her if she wanted to take a selfie with Santa. He heard me and said, “Oh, let me do it!” They made silly faces and really hammed it up. After that, she stood next to him and chatted with him for a while. She asked for an electric scooter and a laptop like Mama (What?!?! I later told her that Santa and her parents have to agree on gifts and that we discuss her list in advance. She was aghast and didn’t believe me. “Show me the emails, Mama!”) I was happy that she had a good chin wag with him though. The night was a great start to the holiday break!

2015-12-20 16.48.13
2015-12-20 17.19.25
2015-12-20 18.01.32-1
2015-12-20 18.33.53
2015-12-20 18.36.17
2015-12-20 18.36.21-1
2015-12-20 18.36.31
2015-12-20 18.36.43
2015-12-20 18.36.52

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