Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bubba’s 93rd Birthday

On Thursday, December 17th, we celebrated Bubba’s 93rd birthday at Seafood Junction, where she has been going every Thursday for the last 17 years- wow! She’s quite the celebrity there, and her birthday was pretty special too. When we arrived, HG was tickled to find our favorite waitress, Deborah, to let her know that it was Bubba’s birthday and to ask the waitresses to sing happy birthday to her. Bubba was so surprised and happy to have them serenade her, the owner pay for her dinner, and Jeanne come celebrate too! My parents brought cupcakes, and we toasted them to Peggy too (who shares a birthday with Bubba). A very special day for a very special lady! We are so happy to have  Bubba in our family!
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