Thursday, October 8, 2015

Star of the Week

Being a ‘T,’ Helen Grace hasn’t had many turns to be the first at anything, but somehow, she was first to be Star of the Week in first grade! We sent in some pictures for Mrs. Barksdale to hang up, and I went in on Friday for lunch and to read to the class (Gemma and Gus and a Sofia the First Halloween book) and take some treats (she chose suckers). Each girl wrote and decorated a page about her favorite thing about Helen Grace, and Mrs. Barksdale compiled them in a book. She read the book aloud to the class while I was there, and we both shed a tear or two. Helen Grace was on cloud nine, and I was so proud of hear her friends’ compliments. At Spiffer’s suggestion, we’ve left her book out on a table in the den as I’m sure we’ll need to pull that out from time to time to remind her of true friendship as girl drama arises!

2015-09-18 12.38.592015-09-18 13.27.572015-09-18 13.27.59In honor of the Pope’s first visit to the US, “he” has traveled to each classroom and posed for pics. He’s also been outside in carpool lane and hanging around campus. Hilarious!2015-09-18 13.51.422015-09-18 13.51.462015-09-18 13.51.582015-09-18 13.53.422015-09-18 13.54.18

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