Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jackson Visit

This weekend, we made a quick trip to Jackson to see our people. We were able to see Worth play football at Prep and also see Grace Ann ride at Providence Farm. HG had a big time walking around the football field with GA during the game and then helping her groom at the barn the next day. We were also able to see Uncle Lary at the game and then over lunch on Saturday, and then we went over to play with the Thomas clan for a bit in the afternoon. A fantastic whirlwind of a trip!

That’s our #14!2015-10-23 19.37.132015-10-23 20.18.472015-10-23 20.48.442015-10-23 20.57.102015-10-24 10.26.162015-10-24 10.41.442015-10-24 10.56.592015-10-24 11.00.562015-10-24 11.03.332015-10-24 12.39.272015-10-24 15.16.43Reba gave baby girl her first doll, and it hasn’t left HG’s lap. (She wasn’t happy that I took her picture.)2015-10-24 15.43.38

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