Monday, September 7, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: August Part 2

Emma Casey’s mama told me that Emma saw HG in a spot between a good and a bad decision- one of her friends was getting in trouble for running away from the group and HG had to decide to stay or join her- and HG “made the right decision.” What a rewarding feeling for all of these hard character building moments over the years!

On a Saturday morning, HG and I were laying in my bed, snacking on Spiffer’s nuts and bolts. I was watching HGTV, and she was playing games on my phone. She said, “Mama, this is the life.”

She told Peggy that she likes riding a new horse because it’s fun to learn how they work.

She asked me if the battery on my phone went down a lot. When I said yes, she took my phone and showed me how to double click the home button and slide up on all the apps to close them and save battery. Wow?!

She LOVES to go to EDA (after school care) and begs to go all the time. “Mama, send me to EDA one more day, and then you could go get a massage!”

I said I wanted to order a cheeseburger, and she said wistfully, “Nothing’s as it seems.”

She and Daddy built a fort to protect her from an over-excited Manning at the pool.2015-08-16 13.00.142015-08-16 16.31.51This is life at Grandma’s…2015-08-15 15.15.37And this is life after a day at the pool and Grandma’s (on the couch)…2015-08-16 10.36.04And then she collapsed into bed…2015-08-16 18.54.36First Redbirds game2015-08-15 19.01.04 HDR-1She initially said she didn’t want to talk to Rocky, but he flirted with her and got her close!2015-08-15 19.10.53-1She requested a curly ponytail2015-08-17 06.54.37An after school treat…2015-08-17 15.45.14To make spelling word practice more fun, we found a Boogie Board. But it’s much more fun to draw on it.2015-08-17 17.09.45She’s been begging to get her eyes checked for a few months because she thinks it’s so cool when Mama does it. Her eyes were great- still a bit farsighted but doc expects her to grow out it.2015-08-19 15.12.42She found a little bitty snail that she, of course, fell in love with.2015-08-20 07.00.24IMG_3148We bought this scarf at Old Navy one day on a whim, and it immediately became an attachment. Girl loves to accessorize!2015-08-24 16.43.072015-08-25 06.42.59At Meet the Teacher meeting, we got a glimpse into her daily morning routine.2015-08-25 07.30.032015-08-25 08.26.02And I finally got a pic of her with Mrs. Barksdale!2015-08-25 08.27.57First spelling and religion tests- both A’s! WHEW!2015-08-25 15.14.16MoMo can’t get enough loving, even at breakfast.2015-08-26 06.22.16Watching the big girls play soccer while waiting for her practice2015-08-26 16.57.01Poor MoMo2015-08-26 19.54.202015-08-27 18.55.09Poor Blue Blue. She is the only person that he will completely submit to.2015-08-28 06.05.57One morning, she quarantined me to my room while she was working on a surprise. Because it was “close to my birthday,” she got herself dressed for school, and she was SUPER proud of herself!2015-08-28 06.52.24Ann Maxwell and Emmaline came over to play one day after school. So proud of these friends for still being so close despite different going to schools.2015-08-28 16.51.17Fun pool time with Addie2015-08-29 12.26.372015-08-29 13.02.45Riding Jake with Grandma and Peggy cheering her on2015-08-30 11.16.342015-08-30 11.53.482015-08-30 11.56.01-1What was fun at two years old is still fun at six years old!2015-08-31 15.23.57-1A friend of ours was touring SAA and stopped in to see HG in her classroom.2015-09-01 09.35.57Blue in the “penalty box.”
2015-09-01 19.23.51

Her first canter

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