Friday, August 28, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: August Part 1

We were having our family over for dinner one night. As our little hostess with the mostest listed off all the things we needed, she said, “Got the plates? Got the forks? Got the wine?!”

As she checked out my work outfit for the day, she asked, “Mama, why you so sassy for work today?”

We were talking about what the word ‘paradise’ meant. I asked her what would be her paradise, and she said, “My mama. Or when I was inside my mommy’s belly.”

“Mama, you and I are a lot alike. I’m sassy. And cute. And I like shoes and lipstick.”

I was dancing in the car on the way to school one morning. From the backseat, HG starts making the fishing reeling motion with her hands and says, “Ring it in, Mama, ring it in.”

Getting her to study is like pulling her teeth- painful and often full of tears. One night as she was telling me how one of her classmates could do this test in her sleep, we were talking about how different people have different strengths. She pulled herself together and said maturely, “We are all different. We are all a star in our own family.”

Again, while studying for spelling, she told me, “Do you smell annoying because you are driving me crazy!”

While we were driving with a friend of HG’s, they were discussing how water gets into the clouds. I hear HG say, “I don’t know. I guess that’s one of those things that Jesus knows.”

Spiffer was doing a tap dance to go with the spelling word ‘tap,’ and HG said, “Honestly, Spiffer, sometimes I think you need to go to a child psychologist!”

“I love myself for being who I am.”

At the end of the SK school year, one of HG’s friends from SK was at risk of not moving forward to first grade. She was given the summer to study but felt overwhelmed by it. Her mom told me that HG gave her a hug and told her that if she believed in herself, she could do it. That gave her the self confidence she needed to push through it, and she has joined them in first grade!

HG made this little mouse several months ago, and it now lives in her marker box.2015-08-01 22.11.34Fun with Addie in the pool2015-08-02 13.32.452015-08-02 17.00.19All ready for bed!2015-08-02 19.16.532015-08-02 20.28.422015-08-02 22.40.10Dinner with Caroline and Doty, future Delta Gammas2015-08-03 19.17.40Campaigning for DeSoto County elections with S & GD2015-08-04 10.18.43This is what happens at bedtime some nights…and then Mama has to be a buzz kill.2015-08-04 19.38.59HG was begging for something and offered to give me her puppy dog eyes.2015-08-05 19.22.29Spiffer laid down with HG for ‘quiet time’ one afternoon, and this is what I found when I came home. Spiffer swears she wasn’t asleep!2015-08-07 15.21.31Christy is back!!2015-08-07 18.55.192015-08-10 11.27.362015-08-08 06.28.022015-08-09 08.33.20First time in her own helmet and half chaps2015-08-09 10.18.022015-08-09 10.56.12-12015-08-09 12.09.10Hooray for the end of the first week of school!2015-08-14 15.31.06-5First day of SAA soccer season2015-08-15 08.07.09

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