Sunday, May 3, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: Late April

“I don’t want to eat a hush puppy because then I might hush.” (at Seafood Junction)

Loves our office mascot, Hank2015-04-16 15.31.47Eww, she got a slobbery kiss!2015-04-16 15.31.482015-04-16 15.32.51I took her to get some pics made out at Shelby Farms. As bribery for good behavior and cooperation, her reward was time on the playground.2015-04-16 18.46.52”I’m too small for this.”2015-04-16 18.58.05Blue was desperate to get outside with us on the back patio.2015-04-18 13.14.06My girl is really getting brave and will order/pay for things on her own, even asking to do sometimes.2015-04-22 17.13.32Baby girl requested a girls’ night out for dinner, and her place of choice was Newk’s. We had a sheet of homework to get through, but it was much more fun to play with real coins and do it at Newk’s.2015-04-22 17.25.022015-04-22 17.26.082015-04-22 19.44.322015-04-25 08.44.202015-04-25 08.47.37Slumber party at our house with Sallie Key2015-04-25 21.12.542015-04-25 22.11.372015-04-26 16.03.22Sno cone with Courtlyn2015-04-26 16.36.482015-04-26 16.36.56This crazy cat gets crazier at bedtime.2015-04-26 18.22.532015-04-26 18.23.092015-04-26 18.29.57A PERFECT SPELLING TEST!!!!2015-04-27 06.44.312015-04-27 06.44.38HG made a shopping list for us for our cupcake project.2015-04-27 08.18.43After school last Monday, HG mentioned that she had something in her ear, that she couldn’t hear too well, and they felt wet. After a detour to the doctor’s office, it was confirmed that HG had double ear infections. That night, she spent most of her time tossing and turning in our bed and hacking. She woke up tired and with a sore throat, so she and I stayed home from school/work. After a lazy day and a long afternoon nap, she was back in business.2015-04-28 13.35.322015-04-29 05.38.32Mary-Kate fell off a horse and broke her arm and wrist. The rest of the soccer team sent this message to her (see the board behind them) before they headed to practice on Friday.2015-05-01 15.35.57

Hotty Toddy!

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