Friday, May 22, 2015

Dance Showcase 2015

After our soggy morning on the soccer field, we rushed home, ate a quick lunch, and HG took a bath. After a curling iron, lipstick, and some fairy dust, we had a beautiful ballerina transformation!

This was her class’s first time to have two outfits, one for tap to ‘Mamma Mia’ and one for ballet to ‘My Girl.’ They were both full of ruffles, big skirts, and GLITTER, so HG was in heaven. Mama was happy to a) not have to be responsible for dress changes backstage and b) not to have to do a bun. Everyone was happy!

As always, she was pumped to get flowers and have  her grandparents there cheering her on. As we walked to the car, the sky looked dark and ominous. We jumped in the car, and as soon as we closed the door, the bottom literally fell out of the sky. A terrible rainstorm came through, but we were happy that her recital was done and we were dry! AND we had a special treat waiting on us at home that night…Hayes and Hastings came to spend the night with us!

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Videos from practice early in the week… I have to say that all the moms panicked when we saw some of there performances, but we practiced at home during the week and were pleased to see that adrenaline kicked in during the real deal. They stepped up their game, knew their steps, and added a lot of sass. So cute!

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