Sunday, May 31, 2015

First & Last Day of SK

August 2014

May 2015

P.S. Lovey hasn’t been to school with HG in months, so I have no idea why she was so clingy with him for this picture that morning. No worries- he stayed at home on the couch that day, as usual!

Last sleep as a Kindergartener, Tuesday, May 19th

DONE with SK!!! Wednesday, May 20th

Her daily journal for the entire year came home with her {insert squeal}, and I sat in my bed Wednesday night laughing and crying at some of her posts. There are countless number of gems, but here are some of my favorites.

Wrapping Up SK: Pedis, Darby, and the Tooth Fairy #5

HG graduated SK on Thursday, May 21st, so on that Tuesday, I surprised her with lunch at school. They got to eat in the big cafeteria that day too, so the excitement was HIGH. She had an extremely loose bottom tooth, so I took her chicken pot pie soup which is all she was really eating at that point, other than mashed up bananas. She ate it up!

After school, HG and I went to get manicures and pedicures to celebrate the end of the school year. She’s not really allowed to have fingernail polish at school, but we figured it was close enough to the end of the year that it would be ok. And it was light pink! She picked green for her toes in honor of our upcoming trip to Ireland. She has always loved getting her nails done, but for the first time, she put her feet in the water, enjoyed the massage chair, and let them pretty much do everything that comes along with the pedicure. I was impressed!

That night, we celebrated Aunt Di’s retirement at a reception at the Dixon Gallery, which meant some good quality time with little Miss Darby. We were ALL happy about that! HG also had a big time exploring the gardens and lily pad pond, and with the help of Granddaddy and Spiffer, she came face to face with a big ole frog!

Friday, May 22, 2015

6th Birthday Party: A ‘Super Sweet’ Celebration

This year, we celebrated the May birthdays in HG’s class (HG, Bella Marie, and Olivia) with a super sweet celebration at a candy store in Midtown called Sweet Noshings. Miss Balloony was there to do face painting- always a big hit- and then we walked down to Memphis Pizza CafĂ© for lunch. The weather was overcast and somewhat cool, although humid, so it was perfect for the girls to run inside/outside from candy to face painting and to eat outside at MPC.

We have such a great group of girls and families in HG’s class. Looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with this crew!

I decided to get crafty this year, and Melissa helped me make these invitations. IMG_00792015-05-17 11.18.23CF6C8922CF6C8926CF6C8988Miss Baloony was oohing and aahing over HG’s complexion and was saying, “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” HG knew she was getting a compliment but was like, “Mama, what does that mean??”CF6C8995CF6C8999CF6C9002CF6C9008CF6C9025CF6C9030CF6C9046P1060741P1060768 (1)P1060777P1060778CF6C9055CF6C9063CF6C9065CF6C9072CF6C9077

CF6C90872015-05-17 12.30.56 HDR2015-05-17 12.31.20 HDRCF6C90902015-05-17 12.28.19 HDR

Dance Showcase 2015

After our soggy morning on the soccer field, we rushed home, ate a quick lunch, and HG took a bath. After a curling iron, lipstick, and some fairy dust, we had a beautiful ballerina transformation!

This was her class’s first time to have two outfits, one for tap to ‘Mamma Mia’ and one for ballet to ‘My Girl.’ They were both full of ruffles, big skirts, and GLITTER, so HG was in heaven. Mama was happy to a) not have to be responsible for dress changes backstage and b) not to have to do a bun. Everyone was happy!

As always, she was pumped to get flowers and have  her grandparents there cheering her on. As we walked to the car, the sky looked dark and ominous. We jumped in the car, and as soon as we closed the door, the bottom literally fell out of the sky. A terrible rainstorm came through, but we were happy that her recital was done and we were dry! AND we had a special treat waiting on us at home that night…Hayes and Hastings came to spend the night with us!

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Videos from practice early in the week… I have to say that all the moms panicked when we saw some of there performances, but we practiced at home during the week and were pleased to see that adrenaline kicked in during the real deal. They stepped up their game, knew their steps, and added a lot of sass. So cute!