Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Return of Second Pres Soccer

This spring, HG is playing soccer for Second Pres again, and as much as we love her boys, we all notice how much more assertive she is on the field with just girls. She’s playing on a SAA team with Mrs. Mungle (her SK teacher) and Katie (last year’s coach and her classmate’s mama), so they both know how to motivate her well.

Her first game was this past Saturday morning, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for soccer. Most of the girls started out with a long sleeved shirt under the jersey in the cool morning but soon stripped it off as the sun got warmer. She got her foot on the ball several times, one time taking it all the way to the goal only to be stopped by the goalie, and then her team won- big start to the season!

2015-04-11 08.43.41-12015-04-11 09.53.13IMG_5836IMG_5840IMG_5844IMG_5847

Would you believe that five minutes before the game ended, an ice cream/sno cone truck pulled up and parked next to the field. The refs might have well just called the games at that point because every single kid’s attention was destroyed. And then there was a mad dash for the truck as soon as the whistle blew, parents being dragged behind with our wallets open.2015-04-11 10.01.302015-04-11 10.02.20

Spiffer even coordinated her outfit to support HG’s orange team!2015-04-11 10.03.08

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