Sunday, April 19, 2015

2nd Horse Show

Very early on the morning of John’s birthday, we packed up and headed to Aintree Stables for HG’s second horse show. She had quite the crowd there to support her- Grandma and Peggy (and their friend, Ken), Spiffer, Granddaddy, Gloria, and Grace Ann. She did so well and won a tie for 1st in equitation and 2nd in under horse, as well as a champion ribbon. (Last time, she won a 2nd and 3rd and reserve champion.)

After her show was over, she had fun letting her braid down and showing everyone around her barn. A very happy little girl!

2015-04-18 08.18.062015-04-18 08.18.22As she waited for her turn, she had some good cuddles with this kitty.P10605072015-04-17 09.06.092015-04-17 09.06.152015-04-17 09.09.562015-04-17 09.10.232015-04-17 09.11.562015-04-17 09.13.59P1060517And now her turn is over and she has to wait for the last two riders to go...and the cat is still hanging out…P1060550P1060556P1060559Hugs for the wonderful Ms. Jody!P10605612015-04-18 10.06.03-12015-04-18 10.10.00 HDR2015-04-18 10.16.402015-04-18 10.17.302015-04-18 10.20.43

After lunch at IHOP, we headed to see Worth (Jackson Prep) play a baseball game at DeSoto Central. We were so proud to see him play here in our stomping grounds! 2015-04-18 15.28.08

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